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Moving furniture when matters need attention

The handling is to be aware of when you move furniture, small reminds you to moving furniture when matters need attention:
1, on kitchen cabinets to remove the drawer, and then fixed with tape all drawers good; remove items before putting it in cardboard boxes, very convenient to carry.
2, tables made from thick paper four angle fixed with adhesive tape to protect the table, wrapped with cords of the tabletop to prevent damage.
3, pot classes overlap wrapped in newspapers from large to small. Through the pot into a cross with a rope.
4, utensils cutlery by using paper overlap wrapped tray level inside the carton, forks spoons 4-5 tied together well.
5 separately, bottled class then put inside a plastic bag, with newspapers rolled into cardboard boxes, cartons interval cross-strap, crossing place on the junction
6, dressing table to give the bearer knows mirror, mirror with transparent foam cloth wrap, cosmetic paper bag put inside a plastic bag, respectively. BACK