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Headache for us than the floor cleaning

In ordinary home cleaning, gives us a headache than most cleaning the floor, in our minds, on the large quantity of floor cleaning not only obligations, and finishing the day down waist are not straight, especially with regard to large families, a lot of people finishing up was overjoyed. Some moving companies also have a cleaning service, but the price is not low. Control the floor cleaning tips, or you can easily cope with. Individual family floor is divided into two kinds, a wooden floor, there is also a traditional tiled floors.
wood flooring to be application-specific, clean wood floor cleaning agent, so you can cover the floor cracked, its moist texture of the wooden original, can avoid a musty erosion water invaded the God inside transformation. Wood floor after complete drying on the wood surface with a layer of wood floor wax care agent, you can cover the floor luster and can be made with waterproof function. On tile floors clean is not as common as today only with a rag MOP washing, difficulty and consequences of poor, clean the floor of a variety of specialized agents can help you with a lot of difficulties. For example, stains or sticky oil is difficult to clean. Tile flooring clean and follow the few steps below can easily get.
first to put housing within of debris finishing clean, again with broom may vacuum cleaner put floor appearance of product dust liquidation off, to special focused on of is door and Xuan shut entrance carpet Shang product dust; then according to floor of material choices suitable of clean agent, clean agent individual to concentrated Hou application, depending on floor of dirty degree and set, with clean of MOP put floor drag clean, if some easily liquidation clean of corner at can with rag or waste of toothbrush dipped take large clean agent wipe brush, Can make the consequences of the border panels arrived safe, clean water wax formula floor polishes to clean better consequences. Just let it clean the floor natural air drying, complete the floor dry after the stampede. BACK