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Piano transportation

Piano transportation
After carefully selected, finally buy has a frame Roses of piano, but how put piano handling home is not pieces easy of thing, in here I recommends best is please piano line has experience of Porter handling piano, if special situation, need himself handling, in no handling experience of situation Xia, please note following several:
1, and usually vertical piano are in 250 kg around, in moved piano Shi, don't think piano has wheels, on in ground push. Because the piano is a delicate instrument, when it encounters a strong vibrations, internal parts easy to damage, and intonation are also affected, so it's best to carry a little push.
2, and in with car as transport tool Shi, at least to four or five a people to completed, due to vertical piano of gravity near back, piano back of number to than piano Qian of people more, to car Shang lift Shi, front three a people, behind two a people, behind of people lift up resisted, front of people lift piano of bottom, lift up put to car Shang, then up a a people to car box Shang pulled, behind of people to car box within push, such on can put piano moved car has. BACK