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Moving stories in

Heard recently that the people inside the moving company to customers at a time when moving furniture was the neighbor moved out, really speechless. We have to have a certain understanding, we look below.
recently, one told us that I moved in the afternoon in the downstairs furniture is the new neighbor "move" left, she was depressed, she'd rather believe neighbors just thought it was people not furniture to move away.
wrote: moved some time ago, very hard but also very happy, but does not meet an angry thing. Sofas and coffee tables downstairs, her mother took the children to watch. After a while children are thirsty, she took him up the water, this time, coffee table and sofa set was gone, she found several times but haven't found. Next day my husband comes back and when he had said this, and us staying out of surveillance video, really discovered the situation, let us surprise: I saw a surveillance video old woman, old woman that let in, old man down sofa moved up the table to run to. White and just "move" other devices, please? And so the old people, I prefer to believe they just thought it was someone not to have the furniture was removed. The start, also wanted to call 110, but on second thought so uniform building is divided, also a neighbor, if things get big, the old couple how to live in the future.
we would like to remind the partner must keep my items, I hope everyone not to do hand hold sheep, greed small cheap in the end so I suffer.
this thing tells us is a moving company when, in fact, is give everyone a warning later in the move cannot be taken lightly, always were a bit more heart.

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