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Residents moving preparations

Classification carton for all of the items packaged and clearly marked.
carton packaging is the best tool, tape seal installed items. And make the tag. For example, box 1, box 2,.....
II, special for small items stored for later searching.
place small items are the most prone to problems, we can use a small cardboard box a separate package. And you can write a list posted on the carton. So as not to lose things.
three, fragile and valuable considerations.
(1), breakable, expensive home appliances, such as at the time of packing case and inform the staff should be clearly marked and packed full with rags, newspapers and plastic foam boxes in the space, so as to avoid damage during transportation due to shaking, hitting.
(2) valuables, such as jewellery, gold and silver currency, securities, documents, important documents and antiques, to carry, to keep myself.
(3) upscale furniture, be sure to lay the package, if your not sure packed, recommends looking for professional packing staff. In case of damage and repair trouble.
four (1) internal drawers, cabinets, refrigerators and washing machines must be emptied, because if it is not empty, service personnel will inconvenience due to too heavy to carry, and the furniture itself is also vulnerable to shaking, impact damage.
(2) furniture, Cabinet dismantled should be placed in a place easy to move, in addition the drawer, easily sliding parts such as doors, good thing fixed with adhesive tape or lock.

v, other matters (1) liquid containers require a plastic bag sealed to avoid leak other objects contaminated.
(2) bad weather circumstances, must offer closed van, so as not to get wet, blows or make dirty.
(3) cargo single piece size for easy handling and security as the prerequisite, not to move because heavy hole cracked and damaged goods or packaging.
(4) the day before moving the refrigerator needs to cut off the power supply, make ice hydration.
(5) transporting live fish need to retain 1/3 of water in a container. BACK