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Long distance moving, we pay attention to what

Since moving to Shanghai, moved from Tianjin, Inner Mongolia ... Users often have, but for users who move long distances, often there will be some move mistakes, so bring a lot of losses. Moving company to analyse some of the matters which are, for your future reference.
for customers in long-distance moving, moving company is also handling a lot. Often a bigger problem is the problem of packaging. Brothers moving company had seen some users think that some unrelated things, just ask some random loading a bag can, in fact, not the. Something scattered, many are often used to, we should be packaged separately, feel free to use the thing, put it in his bag as often. What was left of the bag needs to find a strong place, so as not to rupture during transport, and these small items missing.
as well as some household appliances and fragile items packaging, household appliances, we had better use the original packaging for packaging, there's also as packing foam. Other fragile brothers moving company suggest that it is best to use wooden box package, so you can prevent damage from impacts in the process of long distance transport. Last person to remind brothers moved long distance moving, be sure to keep valuables and not everywhere, it is best to carry or put it in a safe place. BACK