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Can't afford a moving company, moved it myself

A lot of people are saying, the moving company prices, did not dare to ask the moving company to give its own move.
the weather is getting hot, a lot of people are moving, we all want to find a place where air conditioning, of course, do not want high rents, but because the cost of moving company some people cannot afford, and high costs of moving, moving people are going to go from here?
some people, because the rent is high, slowly moved his family to a place farther away from the city, where rent is cheaper than the urban areas, and within the limits of the will be able to rent a House like his own. But the only drawback is that when he goes to work early for a long time, if there was a situation hit the traffic jam, do not be late is late, but some people prefer it to walking, this high rent is to blame! When they moved, very few people can afford a moving company, some people would direct their move, although more than one move, but in order to save money, it can recognize.
in a lot of small business people, they never moving moving companies, would have no money, then list of moving companies, such fee in General eyes is nothing, but for them it does not afford. Particularly those from the small traders, moved a house doesn't know that he rode a tractor to run many times back and forth ... ... ... ...
look at the people they moved inside, there is a strange feeling, what is not know. May be seeing those people, think of yourself before, when they also can't afford a moving company, now that I think is very sad indeed. BACK