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Moving, family separation process

Grandma moved, I heard, was hurt, although my grandmother's influence was not very deep.
Yanjiao uncle bought the House pretty far away from the city, but he decided to take root, also grandmother to live with home. Grandma's with Uncle, we there are support to the children of the elderly, for example, have two sons at home, two elderly people, they can afford the daily lives of the elderly. So Grandma along with my uncle's life, though already 60 years old, but it was quite tough.
four tertiary resumption in the high price of scrap iron business, over the years also made a lot of money, so two years ago in Yanjiao bought that House, estimated to be recently renovated, just want to let Grandma came in the days blessing.
family separation, moved is essential of, grandma was on no how many things, listening to home people said, uncle received Grandma of when please has a moved company, home of things also are basically are moved has, a car on finished son has, actually home which has how many things Ah, because four tert-are not home, so home of things most are is daily with of, such finishing down, also really of is no how many things has. Moved company
said truth, I himself with you Grandma not is Pro-, grew up long to big on Grandma of memories rarely rarely, less of I are wants to not up has, Grandpa also as basically no how many memory, hehe, may is we home of daughter too more has, so they are care but to's, estimated put I is to ignored has, on Grandma impression most deep of memory is high school has once, summer of when, I lying in bed Shang sleep, Grandma to I fan fan, this is Grandma in impression in the most warm of moment has, in addition, Really can't remember what.
Grandma moved away this time, really don't give up, Grandma, after all, are older, their very full days, and very often want their grandchildren to look around, it is estimated that only so much of it. Anyway, hope that Grandma!

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